Lyve Innovator of the Year 2022

Calling startups and entrepreneurs, take the stage in Lyve Labs Singapore’s first ever pitch competition! Join to be part of the top 8 startups and receive media exposure, pitch coaching and mentorship, and network with ecosystem players!

Seagate® Lyve™ Labs Singapore Innovator of the Year Competition 2022


By submitting an application/registration form and entering this Seagate Singapore Lyve™ Labs Innovator of the Year Competition (the “Competition”), entrants agree to abide by all terms and conditions of these official rules (the "Official Rules” or “Rules.”)

Applications will be considered if submitted in compliance with these Rules by the submission deadline. Late or incomplete submissions will be disqualified.



The Competition is organized and sponsored by Lyve™ Labs, a Seagate Technology Innovation Center ( with offices at 26 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139944 (the "Sponsor" or “We.”).


Aim of the Competition

The aim of the Competition is to promote innovation in Singapore companies through Seagate’s Singapore Lyve™ Labs Innovator of the Year, a newly established program in Singapore.



The Competition is open to Singapore-based companies engaged in the research and development of technologies related to data (as further described in the registration materials) that meet the following requirements: (1) investment funding of no more than USD $20,000,000; (2) incorporated no earlier than 1 January 2012; (3) have a product at least in beta stage; (4) registered in good standing as a Singaporean company; and (5) members of the executive leadership of the company entrant must be at least 18 years of age at the time of entry in the jurisdiction in which each reside. To be eligible, Entrant must not be a subsidiary or affiliate of a company that would not meet the foregoing requirements.

Eligible Companies that enter the Competition (each, an “Entrant” or “Participant” as more clearly set forth below) may not allow any individual to contribute to their Entry who has also contributed to another Competition Entry – each such entry shall be ineligible. We may prohibit an Entrant from participating in the Competition or winning a prize if, in our sole discretion, we determine that the information provided is inaccurate or is attempting to undermine the legitimate operation of the Competition by cheating, hacking, deception or other unfair practices or intending to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass. No submissions from agents, third parties, organized groups or entries automatically generated by computer will be accepted.

An Entrant may have professional advisors, consultants, entrepreneurs or other business professionals with relevant expertise. Any such consulting individual will not participate in any presentation of an Entrant nor shall in any way win a Prize.


Competition Process and Schedule

To enter the Competition, an eligible company must create a user account for their company Entrant and complete and submit the application/registration form (including specified supplemental materials) published on the Lyve™ Labs website at (the “Lyve™ Labs Singapore Innovator Competition Website”), no later than August 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM Singapore Time Zone which is GMT+8 (“SGT”). Sponsor shall not be responsible for entries lost, damaged or delayed, including as a result of any network, computer hardware or software failure of any kind.

All Entrants consent to be contacted by phone and to receive emails from Agorize and Seagate during the Competition to the contact information provided in the Entry. Agorize is a third party service provider for Seagate in the Competition.

There will be several phases to the Competition as follows, with all dates determined by reference to SGT time zone:

Phase of Competition

Dates Description

Application / Registration Phase

June 27th – August 28th

Entrant Registration Period

Announcement of Shortlisted Entrants September 2nd Top 40 Entrants announced

Deepening Phase

September 2nd – September 16th

Top 40 Entrants to submit 2- minute video clip of their presentation

Finalists Announced September 23rd Top 8 Finalists (the “Finalists”) announced

Preparation with Finalists


September 24th to October 7th

Presentation Coaching and mentorship with Finalists
Seagate Singapore Lyve Labs Innovator of the Year Finals - Main Event October 11th  The Top 8 Finalists will pitch LIVE in Singapore to judging panel consisting of top Seagate executives and industry leaders

All Entrants will be evaluated by a selection committee of Seagate employees (the “Seagate Selection Committee”). The top 40 Entrants will be invited to submit a 2-minute video of their presentation to the Seagate Selection Committee From the Top 40 Eligible and qualified Entrants, the Seagate Selection Committee will select the top eight finalists (the “Finalists”) to attend and present at the Competition’s Main Event (defined below) to a committee of industry experts chosen by the Sponsor including Seagate personnel (the “Lyve Innovator Judging Panel”.).

The Finalists will be announced on the Lyve™ Labs Seagate Innovator Competition Website on or around 23 September 2022. After selection, Finalists will be required to cooperate and work with Sponsor- designated persons in connection with a presentation that each Finalist will make to the Lyve Innovator

Judging Panel at the Competition’s main event (the “Main Event”). The Main Event will be held on 11 October 2022 at Seagate Lyve Labs Singapore ). Entrants may be asked for additional information and materials by Sponsor or members of the Lyve Innovator Panel in connection the due diligence and assessment of the Entrant and its Entry materials.

The identity of the winners of the Competition (the “Winners”) will be announced at the Competition’s Main Event and contemporaneously on Sponsor’s social media channels, the Lyve Labs Seagate Innovator Competition Website and other public venues.

Please note that this schedule and venue (including any of the various dates listed on the registration page materials) may change at any time depending on external circumstances, with notification of any such change to be provided by Sponsor to the extent reasonably possible.


Judging Criteria

The Top 40 Entrants, the 8 Finalists and the Grand Prize Winner will be chosen on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Technical Depth of Entrant's Solution
  • Skills of Team
  • Growth Potential of Business and Company
  • Feasibility of Business Model
  • Differentiation & Impact of Value Proposition
  • Relevance to Seagate Lyve Cloud

Selections will not be made in any way by chance or luck but will be on the basis of ability and capability.



Prizes (each, a Prize) will be awarded to winners of the Competition as follows (with all amounts shown in Singapore dollars):

Prize Level

Prize Quantity Estimated Value (In Singapore Dollars)
Grand Prize
  • S$30,000 Startup SG Grant
  • Fast-track to SLINGSHOT 2022 Top 50 Global Startups and participation in the SLINGSHOT 2022 Grand Finals
  • Physical immersion program as part of SLINGSHOT 2022
  • S$10,000 Cash Prize
  • Two People from Grand Prize Winning Entrant receives trip to Seagate’s offices in California, USA to meet executives and participate in industry and networking activities
  • S$30,000 
  • S$10,000
Top 8 Finalists Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4TB Drive 1 per Finalist S$180
Seagate Employee Choice Winner- To be chosen by Seagate employees vote at the stream of the Main Event to Seagate employees S$3,000 1  S$3,000
The S$10k cash Grand Prize (the “Cash Prize”) is provided by the Sponsor of the Competition, and the S$30,000 Startup Grant is provided by Enterprise Seagate (information found at ) Any prizes and participation in SLINGSHOT 2022 will be subject to the rules, policies, terms and conditions of Enterprise SG and SLINGSHOT 2022. The Sponsor shall have the sole discretion to make any decision with regard to the grant of the Cash Prize, and Enterprise SG shall have the sole discretion to make any decisions with regard to the Startup SG Grant and any elements of the Prizes relating to SLINGSHOT 2022 participation. Eligibility for the Prize is not assignable or transferrable.

The Winners will be required to provide Sponsor with any and all information and documentation necessary in Sponsor’s determination as a condition to fulfilment of the Prize, including tax documentation and a release of liability. Any additional expenses, including any taxes, will be at the sole expense of the Winners, and will be a condition for receipt of the Prize. If required by law, the Sponsor may transfer to the relevant tax authorities’ personal information of the Winners and their team members or may withhold tax at source as may be required by applicable law. The Sponsor or Enterprise SG will in no event be responsible for any taxes or expenses relating to the Prizes.

In the event where a Winner is disqualified for any reason, including failure to pay related taxes, the Winner will forfeit the Prize and the Lyve Innovator Judging Panel may replace Winner with another Entrant or may not give away the Prizes in its sole discretion. The Sponsor may not grant the Prize to a Winner, cancel the Prize or the Competition, in whole or in part, in any case where the Sponsor determines, in its sole discretion, that an Entrant, including a Winner, violated the Rules or that such Entrant acted in bad faith or committed an offense or act which is not lawful in connection with its participation in the Competition. Enterprise SG may determine in its sole discretion that a Winner does not meet the requirements for the Startup SG Grant or participation in SLINGSHOT 2022.


Privacy and Use of Personal Information

By participating in the Competition, Entrant consents to Agorize, Seagate and Lyve Labs collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information relating to the Entrant in connection with the Competition as set forth in in these Rules and in our Privacy Policy available at privacy/.

Specifically, the Sponsor reserves the right to publish the Finalists’, Winners’, or the other Participants' personal information provided as part of the Competition, in all media channels, including but not limited to, in newspapers, newsletters, television, radio, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter (and other social media platforms), or on any other websites (including the Competition's or Sponsor’s website), all at Sponsor’s sole and absolute discretion.


License/Use of Entries and Submitted Materials

All Entries are to be submitted on a non-confidential basis. Sponsor or its agents and affiliates do not and will not assume an obligation of confidentiality with respect to the ideas or materials presented by Entrant. By entering the Competition, and to the extent allowed by law, each Entrant grants Sponsor and its affiliates and partners and each of their respective officers, directors and employees (the “Released Parties”) a royalty-free, fully paid up, world-wide, perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to use, make, generate derivatives of, share, publish and reproduce any submission you make as part of the Entry or the Competition, in whole or in part, for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to advertisement, publicity and other communications.

By participating in the Competition, all of the participants of Entrant agree: (1) to deliver to the Sponsor full and accurate information; (2) to be interviewed; and (3) that the Sponsor shall be entitled to cover, publish, photograph and otherwise use, in accordance with any applicable law and regulations, their names, photograph, or winning of the Prize in different media channels, including television, newsletters, radio, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or in any other social media platforms, websites, or newsletters, free of charge and without any restriction, including time-restriction, and all for the publication, public relations and promotion or for any other purpose as shall be solely determined by the Sponsor.

The Entrant and participants hereby waive, in consideration for the ability to engage in the Competition, any right or claim with regard to the use of their photographs, names or their Entry information by the Sponsor in scope of any publication concerning the Competition. For the avoidance of doubt, Sponsor has no obligation to publish the photos, names, products or information relating to the Competition or any Entry. Entrant agrees that the Released Parties are not responsible for any unauthorized use of Entries by third parties.

Sponsor and each Entrant retains ownership of its respective patents, copyrights, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights.

Changes to the Competition: Sponsor may at any time, at its sole discretion and for any reason, terminate or cancel the Competition, modify the Official Rules, modify the conditions of the Competition, extend or shorten the Competition or other dates and/or the number of Finalists selected in the Competition and/or the number of Winners chosen and/or the Prize, including in an event where it turns out that there have been a malfunction, disruption, prevention or interruption which may limit, prevent or delay the ability to participate in the Competition, including technical failure, health safety issues, mechanical failure, and/or human error, including due to constraints that do not depend on the Sponsor and/or if it transpires that the fairness or appropriateness of participation in the contest have been jeopardized and/or any other reason, including but not limited to COVID concerns. Sponsor will not be responsible if the Competition cannot take place or if any Prize cannot be awarded or fulfilled due to events outside of our control, including any circumstances, which, in Sponsor’s sole determination, corrupt or affect the administration, security, safety, fairness or proper conduct of the Competition.


Guarantees and Indemnities

By accepting these Official Rules, any Entrant participating in the Competition hereby states and guarantees that the Entry submitted: (a) is original and, in its respect, the Entrant has the rights to participate in the Competition; (b) is not in breach of third party rights, including rights related to trademarks, patents, and industrial secrets, copyright, rights arising from agreements or licenses, rights related to privacy, moral rights, rights of publicity or image rights; (c) is not intrinsically defamatory or outrageous nor it has any content capable of damaging the name, the honor or the reputation of the Sponsor or Seagate, or of any subject involved in the Competition; (d) does not contain characteristics aimed to promote offensive, threatening, harassment and intimidation behavior; and (e) is non- confidential.

The Entrants in the Competition agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from any proceeding or claim made by any third-party, for infringement or otherwise relating to Entrant’s actions or omissions, and for the maximum term permitted by law.

Sponsor hereby excludes liability for any direct or indirect loss, claim, damage, expense or cost (howsoever caused, whether by negligence or otherwise) arising from or in connection with the Competition or any Prize.


General and Release

The Sponsor has sole and exclusive discretion in any matter whatsoever pertaining to the Competition, including interpretations of the Official Rules, any controversy, disqualification of participants, the duration of the Competition and the choice of the Finalists and Winner (including in relation to any “alternative candidate” which would be a replacement to a disqualified Finalist and or/Winner.) The decisions of the Sponsor in regard to the Rules will be final, definitive and not open for appeal, and the participants will have no claim or demand in connection with the Rules or the Competition against the Released Parties.

Sponsor reserves the right to modify and amend the terms of the Rules from time to time during the Competition, including for clarification purposes or in response to changing circumstances.

The Entry and all materials provided in connection with the Competition must be in English, with English as the language used throughout the Competition.

If any provision of these Rules is found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions.
Failure or delay by Sponsor to enforce any of these terms shall not constitute a waiver. These Rules shall be governed by Singaporean Law.

For any questions on these Rules, please contact Rev. June 27,2022